Silo and dosing machines

Cepi Big Bag - siloses for storing and conveying of food stuff.

Cepi Loading cell

Cepi Antiexplosion hatch

Cepi Globosilos - Outdoor silos for powders CAPACITY: 10-120 Mc

Cepi Capacitive probe

Cepi WP 104/105

Cepi Security valve

Cepi Cepatic security valve

Cepi Filtering sleevs

Cepi Sifter

Cepi Collecting filters with socks

Cepi Monosock filter on recovery hopper

Cepi Sock filter on Silbox

Cepi Venting sock filter on Silsystem

Cepi Self-cleaning centralized filter for dust exhaustion

Cepi Self-cleaning dynamic filter with sleeves, 12 or 24 MQ

Cepi Dust exhausting system

Cepi Litercounter

Cepi Dust exhaustion system

Cepi Dehumidification system

Cepi Pump

Cepi Deferrizzator

Cepi Turbosifter

Cepi Sifter on Bag Unloading System

Cepi Gravity vibrosifter

Cepi Line vibrosifter

Cepi Clutch with spherical valve

Cepi Drum diverter

Cepi Two ways "Lift" diverter

Cepi Two ways flag diverter

Cepi Four ways diverter

Cepi Blowing unit

Cepi Screw conveyor

Cepi Butterfly valve

Cepi Rotary valve

Cepi Bag Unloading System - suitable for the storing of food stuff

Cepi Silbox - siloses for the storing and extraction of powders and granular products.

Cepi WP 110

Cepi Silsystem - indoor siloses for food stuff

Cepi WP 140

Cepi Fibrosil - Outdoor silo series

Cepi WP 300

Cepi Micro - Integrated dosing groups for the managment of microingredients.


Cepi Control supervisor interfaced with WP

Cepi Dosing

Cepi Process supervisor interfaced with PLC

Route planner