Cepi Fibrosil - Outdoor silo series



Outdoor silo series FIBROSIL in continuous filament fibregrass with vitrified outside surface. MAX DIAMETER: 0,72 kg/liter. CAPACITY: 10-100 m3. 

MODULARITY: Standard and custom silos. 

ANTICONDENSATION AND DEUMIDIFICATION: anticondensation system with electronic control via junction box. 

EXTRACTION GROUP: product extraction with vibrating cone or fluidized bed, accessible on silo skirt for the chronological unloading of the product, and pneumatic conveying with rotary valve. Manhole for inspectionin stainless steel.

  • entirely smooth inside to avoid the persistence of leftovers;
  • outdoor installation on existing platform in concrete with suitable and perfectly flat leaning surface;
  • material is resistant to oxidizing agents;
  • suitable for the containment of substances destined for human consumption according to the norms in force.
  • Pipes for pneumatic loading of diameter Ø 100 mm in stainless steel AISI 304 with curves and joints;
  • Mechanic safety group for overpressure and depression;
  • Double roof for anticondensation;
  • Prop for antiexplosion hatch;
  • Pipes for air escape of Ø 140 mm in stainless stell AISI 304 with props and curves;
  • transparent level band;
  • manhole in stainless steel for control of the cleaning;
  • Accessing door with ventilation hatches and lock with key.
  • Powder recovering FILTERS compliant with CE norms;
  • CEPATIC safety system against loading overpressure;
  • STAIRS according to CE norms to access the superior part and protection railing on the roof;
  • Antiexplosion hatch;
  • Mininum and maximum level probes;
  • Weighing with cells. 
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