Cepi Bag Unloading System - suitable for the storing of food stuff



Indoor tanks Bag Unloading System are built with materials suitable for the storing of food stuff. Used for the emptying of bags. Structures are modular, adamptable to all room solutions, and allow enlargments or future changes at all times. CAPACITY: up to 1200 Kg of flour. 

BAG UNLOADING SYSTEM WITH LUMP BREAKER: Universal for all sizes. Used to feed the lines directly or for the loading of silos. 

MODULARITY: Standard and custom silos.

  • Built in stainless steel;
  • Cylindrical shape with customized lid;
  • Protectoion grill and prop for bags;
  • Supporting feet with anchoring to the ground.
  • Bag Unloading System in stainless steel with special execution with enlarged rectangular mouth, gas spring on lid and rollaway zip;
  • Lump breaker;
  • Rollaway bag-cutting blade with ergonomic crank on the side of the machine;
  • Gasket for air suction, support future dust exhausting system.
  • Dust exhausting system;
  • Rotary valve;
  • Vibrosifter;
  • Vibrating cone in stainless steel type CV with geometrical shape that prevents the formation of bridges and eases the homogeneous and chronological unloading of the stored product. Completed with antivibration joints, two fixing rings, two antipinch plates;
  • Three-phase electrical vibrator of variable power with mechanical regulation: 30 to 300 kg, protection: ip-65, feeding: 220/380 three phases 50/60 hz; includes stirrups and fixing bolts;
  • Tubular screw conveyor with motor in stainless steel, joined for motorization, with loading and unloading joint. Completed with motor, self-aligning props on the heads, prop in painted tubular;
  • Electrical panel for control and power, built according to the norms in force, completed with connections to all parts of the plant. Assembled next to the Bag Unloading System; gasket for the three-phase feeding is local. 
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