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Silos are built with materials suitable for the storing of solid food stuff. Integrated dosing groups for the managment of microingredients. Structures are modular and adaptable to all room solutions, and always allow enlargments and future changes. Ingredients loading is performed manually by discharging the bags inside the hopper or by sucking the products directly from the bag from the ground level. 

PATENTED MICRODISPENSERS TRIMIX: Allow the volumetric dosing of powder products. Can be used with homogenizer-fluidizer with the most difficult products. Interchangeable between products. Hoppers are completely modular therefore the capacity increases by bsimply adding a module to the base block. Group is entirely closed to avoid pollution of the stored material and powder leaks. 

MODULARITY: Possible costum executions. 

Dispenser for microingredients in stainless steel with supporting structure in stainless steel or baking varnished steel.

  • Extractor/homogenizer completed with crown, thrust bearing prop, whisk with scraper in stainless steel;
  • Gear motor with joining flange;
  • Three-phase electrical motor;
  • Minimum level probe;
  • Lid with filter and loading pipes;
  • Tampon valve on screw conveyor.
  • Carting group with moving scale;
  • Screw conveyor;
  • Loading pipe;
  • Loading spear;
  • Blowing unit in suction;
  • Electrical panel. 
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