Cepi Silbox - силози за съхранение и екстракция на прахообразни и гранулирани продукти.



Серия силози за използване на закрито от неръждаема алуминиева стомана за съхранение и екстракция на прахообразни и гранулирани продукти.
Costumizable modular structures for all room solutions, composed of modular unites that ease and speed the assembling, allowing for enlargments or future changes at any time. Employ materials suitable for the storing of food stuff. MAX DIAMETER = 0,70 kg/liter. 

MODULARITY: Standard silos (four standard bases, 1.65x2.65, 2x3, 2.65x2.65, 3x3) and custom silos. 

EXTRACTION GROUP: product extraction with vibrating cone or fluidized bed. The conveyance is pneumatic with rotary valve. Possible 45° extraction for cous cous and short pasta. 

FLUIDIFICATION: with blowing unit, to grant uniform emptying and prevent decaying.

  • silo must not be exposed to weather conditions;
  • panels in stainless steel;
  • additional external props in painted steel;
  • nuts and bolts in zinc-coated steel;
  • inner surface with no angles or asperities which could prevent the complete emptying of the silo;
  • suited for the storing of substance destined to human consumption according to the forms in force in the field.
  • fluidized bed for chronological unloading (in the model with fluidized bed);
  • electrovalves in stainless alloy;
  • manhole for inspection;
  • collecting pipes for fluidification;
  • mechanical safety group for overpressure;
  • antistatic filtering bed.
  • Powders recovering FILTERS compliant with CE norms;
  • Mininum and maximum level probes;
  • Weighing cells;
CEPATIC security system against loading overpressure. 

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