Our traditional company was created to unite in one LOBBI the producers from around the world over five family generations which still keep the tradition alive. The company assured an accepted know-how and at the moment offers different products, and adapts them to the requirements of the different clients from various markets, nevertheless they operate in the bread baking industry, the milling industry, the chocolate producers, the confectionary producers or restaurant owners, from small to big, from local to international companies.

In 1893 the production of fruit jelly and marmalade was started

1901  the construction of the first grain warehouses, also sorting of grain from Bulgaria and its export to Romania, Austria and Hungary was registered.

1909  a mill with modern German and Swiss machines was constructed

1943  sale of the company and its relocation of part of the business to Austria and Switzerland

1972  start of the international business with raw materials for the food industry

1980  expansion begun, also the modernization and the development of the productions of improvers for flour, improvers for bread mixes and products for the patisserie business

2007  investment in the most modern high-tech mill in the world with daily output capacity of 330 tons.

2009  upgrade of our laboratory with the latest generation of equipment 

2010  production of high technology emulsifiers for confectionary and patisserie under the LOBBI brand