Thermo-oil mulTi-deck Tunnel oven Triglav

Gostol Gopan


The thermo-oil multi-deck tunnel oven TRIGLAV is an universal baking oven designed to bake all types of bread and pastry, i.e. free-baked products and those baked on trays or in pans.
The TRIGLAV oven is suitable especially for bakeries with high production outputs and/or large product assortments, as well as for any bakery seeking high final product quality and at the same time keeping a vigil eye on energy efficiency.
The multi-deck construction allows the oven to be placed even in bakeries with considerable space constraints, allowing the bakery to save precious space. 
The unique TRIGLAV’s construction allows it to work either in batch or continuous-step mode, while the (abundantly isolated) floating-decks concept gives the oven a remarkable flexibility of use. 

  • Higher production capacities can be reached on the same bakery footprint.
  • Efficient and at the same time gentle transfer of heat onto the product, giving the product a considerably higher quality and allowing it to retain its freshness for a longer period of time.
  • Lower consumption of energy and cleaner environment. 
  • Equal baking conditions in the baking chamber both length- and width-wise (special counterflow heat exchangers).
  • Exceptional flexibility, allowing the baker to bake different products with various baking regimes even on neighbouring decks.
  • More accurate and flexible baking temperature regulation, eventually in every single baking deck,both by length and height of the deck, allowing the baker to adapt completely the baking regime to the product being baked, be it bread, pastry or tin bread.
  • Automatic loading and unloading of individual baking decks with the possibility of charging the oven at the same time with products arriving from various processing lines, and/or discharging baked products towards various directions for further processing needs.
  • Easy and simple maintenance operations.
  • Complete automatisation of the baking process, allowing quick passages between different products on the same baking deck.
  • Accurate guiding of the conveyor belt. 
  • High reliability, easy maintenance, silent operation and long life-time of the heating plant.


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