PFAHNL, Austria

The PFAHNL company, Austria, is one of the biggest suppliers of raw materials, flour, mixes, malt flour, improvers for the bakery industry in Europe. The company is famous for its innovative products and new technologies.


The company VORTELLA, Germany, is one of the oldest producers of margarine and special iols for the food industry. They accommodate a special department with expertise in the productions of lubricants and waxes for bakery lines, forms and form designers.

Karl Bindewald Kupfermühle GmbH

The Karl Bindewald Kupfermühle GmbH company is specialized in the production of flour, malt flour and products for the food and brewing industries


The products of the company NORTE in SPAIN are ready solutions for the patisserie and bread products. Emulsifier of gel for rolls, cakes, fillings for croissants, cakes and patisserie, chocolate and sugar coatings, toppings, jellies, jelly coats, jelly-like emulsifier for sponge cakes.


The world’s biggest producer of paper forms for bakery, catering and patisserie products. Their production factories are located in Europe, Russia, Brazil. They offer extreme variety of forms for muffins and different types of cakes, Easter cakes, panettone, etc, produced from high-quality paper of competitive price levels.


The company is specialized in the production of machines for bread production with small and average capacity. The company has four factories in which extremely high-quality products are manufactured – automated production lines for small bread produce, bread-slicing machines, etc

METSA Finland SAGA paper

One of the world’s biggest producers of paper: for catering and cooking, for baking and patisserie. And also paper for industrial use.

MONO Equip

An English company with perfect quality at a very good price: they offer from small multi-floor ovens to industrial syringe machines for cookies and cakes. You can find everything in the MONO’s product list. They manufacture one of the best syringes for patisserie, sponge cake in the world, also fillers for creams and fillings for industrial use.

Sinmag Europe

The company is Asia’s biggest producer of machinery for bread and patisserie production and convection ovens for HORECA. The company is a leader on the market in Europe with perfect quality at a very good price. They also supply equipment and spare parts within very short deadlines.

Flamic Starmix

The company is a leader in Italy in planetary mixers and laminators for puff pastry and croissants.

Sigma Italy

If you look for a machine for your bakery, they offer machines for craftsman’s and semi-industrial bread production. Sigma offers a very good balance between quality and price.

Fre jado Eurooven

The company produces convection oven for HORECA, canteens, bakeries, stores. Also offer grills and equipment for hot points and are a leader in Europe.


They are the modern Italian producer of machinery for HORECA and confectionary industry. They offer innovations at a competitive price.


They are the biggest producer of machinery for bread production, bakery and confectionary industries.


They are a specialized producer from Italy of mixers and laminators, machines for bread and baked products.


The most famous producer in the world of machines for pastry, pitas, gyros, etc.


A company which produces sugar-coated fruit mixes and fruits for decoration – fruit pastry, amarena, cocktail cherries, etc.


They produce machinery for bread and patisserie production.


The biggest supplier in Europe of machinery for catering companies and HORECA, hotels and restaurant equipment.


This is Asia’s biggest company for specialized equipment for patisserie and bread production, doughs, etc. They offer a variety of solutions for very specific products.

TMAK makina

They are one of the modern Turkish producers of syringes and machinery for cookies, cookies with a filling and dough-in-dough.


They are an Italian company specialized in the production of packing machines – clips machines for sealing bread packs and other products.


They are the most specialized producer in Holland for convection ovens for cooking and baking. They offer machines with extremely high quality and long useful life.


They are in top 3 proven producers of industrial equipment and machinery for bread production in the world. Over 65 years of experience and prove quality. They are a market leader in Eastern Europe, Russia, Romania, Moldova.


They are the Czech market leader in raw materials and technology for bread production, patisserie and confectionary.


They are the leader in machinery for confectionary, cakes, soft doughs, sweetened and puff pastry. If you look for high productivity and reliable machinery this is the right producer of equipment for your production base.



A leading manufacturer of quality dairy products certified with DIN ISO 9001 and DIN ISO 14001.


Spanish multinational Natra is today one of the leading companies in Europe specialising in chocolate products for the private label brand and other food companies, as well as in cocoa derivatives. Natra’s consumer goods division is responsible for the manufacturing of chocolate tablets, countlines, spreads and Belgian chocolates and specialities, which are commercialised mainly in Europe, with Germany, France, Belgium, Holland, Spain and United Kingdom as main markets. Similarly, the company is committed to its expansion into markets beyond Europe , with special focus placed in North America and China. Furthermore, via its industrial goods division, Natra provides cocoa-derived products (mainly cocoa powder and butter, and chocolate coatings) for the international food industry. The company has six specialized production centers in Spain, Belgium, France and Canada, as well as permanent commercial presence in Europe, United States and Asia.


Südstärke GmbH can look back on a long tradition of starch production. It is our continuous endeavor to produce high-quality and hygienically flawless products, from a natural, regional raw material, which can be sold especially as safe foods and feeds.