Butter 82% SAUMWEBER Deutsche Markenbutter

Butter 82% SAUMWEBER Deutsche Markenbutter


The German brand butter from SAUMWEBER is easy and safe to process and gives all baked goods the characteristic delicious butter taste. Only the use of high quality ingredients enables baking art in its highest form. It is indispensable in fine cuisine, where the unmistakable butter aroma rounds off a variety of dishes to perfection. The practical 2.5 kg pole with 500 g markings is easy to use portioned and therefore brings baking and cooking professionals a welcome time saver.


Ingredients: sweet cream butter

Fat content: 82%

Melting range: 28-33 °C

Optimal processing temperature: 16-20 °C

Consistency: smooth, easy to work 

Appearance and color: light yellow

Shelf life: 3 months

Storage: cool (3-8 °C), dry and protected from light


Packing: 4 x 2.5 kg bar


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